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Keeping life organized is always a work in progress and the more moving parts, the bigger this challenge becomes. Moreover, when working in an office setting it’s crucial that team members work together as a unit, have access to the same resources, and remain on the same page.

With the plethora of tools available to help in team collaboration, I thought it would be useful to share what we use here at TheoryThree. I’ve included a list of regularly used apps along with a few additional resources we like. Collectively, these tools help keep projects running smoothly, give us the ability to share important project information across the team, and allow us to stay connected with one another.

I’ve provided a brief description of how we use each tool as to give a general context. If you would like to learn more about a specific app and its features, you can follow the links provided.

Keep in mind, these tools are simply that, just tools. They are not the only way to manage projects or connect a team. This is merely a snapshot of our workflow at this moment in time. If we ever stumble upon a new app that could possibly be a better fit we’re always open to giving something else a try.

Project Management, Task Mastering, and Time Allocation


Asana helps us track all the nitty gritty task that need to get done for each project. We use it as our granular to-do list app including managing due dates and assignments (who’s taking care of what). It’s also helpful in tracking questions and conversation related to specific tasks by using the comments feature as it provides a recorded log.


If Asana is like being in the trenches, then Teamweek is our arial view of the battle front. With Teamweek we map milestones, important deadlines, and individual team member’s daily/weekly project focus. We love that you can get a visual sense of what each team member should be focusing on and how busy they are from week to week. What Teamwork really allows us to do is plan in the general sense from week to week and month to month without getting overloaded with all the details that Asana provides.


Harvest is our time tracking tool. It allows us to log hours between different projects and includes commenting on how time was spent. With this data we get a sense of how long it takes to complete different tasks between design, development, project management, etc. At the admin level, Harvest helps us track project budgets enabling us to keep both time and money in scope.

Information, Documentation, and Sharing


If I ever had to keep a complete repository of knowledge and information outside of my own head, Evernote would be my goto. As a team, we use Evernote to store and share project notes, how-to documentation, and really any kind of information that needs to be quickly saved and easily accessible.


With all the accounts we collectively have to have access to at any given time, 1Password makes it easy to quickly find user names, passwords, and any sensitive information. It’s a safe and secure way to store login details privately and keep the team in sync .


Although we use Google drive for storing and sharing internal files, we much prefer Dropbox for sharing and collaborating with clients. Dropbox syncs frequently and quickly. It’s also easy to create share links from the desktop to copy and paste into emails.


Google Apps

It’s hard to imagine a modern tech business that doesn’t have Google Apps integrated into their daily workflow in one way or another. We put Google in a category of its own because their apps span such a wide range of services between searching, storage, and communication. Here’s a short list of the most common Google apps we find ourselves using

  • Gmail: managing user accounts and emailing
  • Google Drive: storing and sharing internal files
  • Google Docs: documents and collaboration
  • Google Calendar: scheduling and sharing events, meetings, and time-off



There are many ways to do internal communication and though we find ourselves using a few programs, we often resort to slack because it is quick and easy. We like that it does both group and direct messaging and that we can create different channels for specific purpose. Sometimes we create a channel that is project specific and other times, use it just to share general information on cool designs, new tech, or anything we find of interest.

Instant messaging is great for short, quick communication but email is still our frequently used format for client communication. We like it because email provides us with a platform to draft well written responses and share in-depth information. We believe that communication should be clear, articulate, and to the point. Therefore, email is still the best way to stay true to this belief.


What would in-meeting team collaboration be without a whiteboard? It’s the easiest way to visually organize data while allowing everyone to look at the same information. Not to mention, it feels empowering to be in the drivers seat armed with a marker and eraser!

Paper and Pen
Even though we’re huge fans of tech, it’s truly impossible to live in the digital realm completely. There may always be a need for analog tools to capture information and pen and paper are the perfect tools for capturing meeting notes, jotting down quick ideas, or sketching out a rough draft wireframe. Furthermore, in addition to notecards and post-its our favorite notebook, by far, is the moleskine journal because presents a sense of style (in the geek chique sort of way). If you ever visit our office you'll find the notebooks lying around everywhere and clutched in the hands of the team as we gather for meetings.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the software we use to organize, but it's a good primer for the basics. Over the next few months we'll be sharing even more tools that we use to stay organized and for project work. Stay tuned for more on that. 

About Jourdan

Jourdan loves technology and the beauty found in great design. At TheoryThree he assists in project management and helping the team stay organized. In his free time he enjoys riding motorcycle, doing yoga, or going on adventures with Mary and their dog Jaya.



Jourdan loves technology and the beauty found in great design. At TheoryThree he assists in project management and helping the team stay organized. In his free time he enjoys riding motorcycle, doing yoga, or going on adventures with Mary and their dog Jaya.